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Privacy Policy

You have accessed this content through our website which is owned and operated by AGGASSO., hereinafter referred to as "The Company" or "We" or "Us". It is to share with you all and make you understand that the information we seek, through this website, from and about you is strictly for the purpose of assisting you through our various services and in the process how we use and safeguard your data.

You may please choose to continue reading our Privacy Policy statement for more information. Your continued usage of this website and the services mentioned, are subject to the provisions stipulated herein with respect to disputes arising and resolution of the same as also the limitation of damages.

You are hereby advised to read this Privacy Policy document carefully to understand how we use the information provided by you and also how you can choose what and what not to disclose and yet use and hire our services.

Our services are not meant for use by anyone under the age of 13, and if by chance any information pertaining to children under the age of 13 gets collected we will ensure that the same is deleted or not put to any use whatsoever. This is in consistent with the children online privacy protection policy.

How we collect Information from you and by other means

1. Type of data collected

Based on the type of service that you are seeking from us, we collect different information from you like your name, telephone number, mobile number and e-mail address. Where necessary, your demographic information will also be collected.

2. Access to your Computer

We are here to offer support services to you and this is done either through a telephone call or it can be through web based tools and other software, which can call for remotely accessing and controlling your computer, of course with your permission.

To offer services like this, we need this information and we collect it either through a telephone call or mail or by having a form filled by you when our member of technical support team intimate you about the same.

You will be provided the link to access the form from AGGASSO website itself or it can be mailed to you upon request. At times, some information is seamlessly collected when we access your gadgets like personnel computers, laptops or mobile phones.

3. Other source for data collection

Personal information will also get collected when you fill in your details available on contact us page of AGGASSO website. Also, in case you fill out any forms during online surveys or entering into any online transactions.

The other channel or source through which this information gets collected is social networks like Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter, as you are aware that these days the smart gadgets auto fill the details.

Therefore, AGGASSO want all its users to be intimated in regard to ways and means for collection of Personal information.

4. Details while billing

Besides personal information, we also collect or seek to collect, wherever necessary, your online payment information that could include your Bank Account number, or Debit / Credit card number, the branch code number or information related to your computers and systems that can include type of computer, its unique number, its make and model.

Information also gets collected through cookies, which are small pieces of information stored on your computer's hard drive when you visit a website. These cookies can be of different types, some which end with a particular session while some remain and get activated when you revisit the site.

5. How we use your information

Primarily the information you provide is to use, to share a and provide our services to you, provide customer support. When you access our website and seek our services, we verify your credentials using this information.

At times, we may have something to share with you this could be updating you on some new development at our end or just to communicate to you some promotional offers on our existing services or introducing some new offers.

We may also seek your opinion on our products and services and also ways and means to improve and in some cases, customize a specific product or service to suit any specific need that you may have. We may also use this information sometimes to verify your eligibility to other products belonging to our business associates or fulfilling any obligations out of our existing contracts. NOTE: At no time AGGASSO, share any of your personal data with any other company or associate. Therefore, you should not entertain to any call or offer or mail or person who says that they are working on behalf of AGGASSO. In case we contact it will only happen by AGGASSO team members only or through our official emails.

6.Security capabilities & policy for transmission of payment

The information AGGASSO requires about its customers and how do our team use it?

When you are ready to place an order through our AGGASSO website, Our team would require some details such as: Your Name: As mentioned in your documents, Email id, your contact number, address and details of the card (This could be credit or debit Card). Upon receiving all the desired correct information we will process the payment to complete the transaction successfully. An account will also be generated, under your name with us. We ensure the safety of all your details at every point in time.

AGGASSO has secure ways to protect consumer data.

The moment you as potential customer are ready to place an order with AGGASSO. Our website will enable a secure server. This secure server is also termed as SSL. Through this secure server all the information is encrypted which is received from our customers. To ensure the safety of our customer's data, the data that we collect is protected by 256 bit encryption and many layers of security which will act as preventive shield against, unwanted access.

Credit Card Details

All the payments made through credit cards are processed safely and securely via the "eGate Payment Gateway and Citi Bank". The payments made by credit card are one among the fastest medium to obtain your order, as this will avoid any clearance delays. We at AGGASSO don't store any of your credit card details in our records.

The Cookies in AGGASSO website

The "Cookies" means small pieces of information which are saved by your browsers in your computer's memory. AGGASSO website does not contain any personal and secure data about the customers. Cookies will help customers in placing the orders online and logging in when you are subscribed to AGGASSO website. For your information almost every web browsers accepts cookies automatically. However, you have the option in the setting to change the browser settings in regard to cookies.

In case you are using ActiveCV website then you doesn't need to enable the cookies. As these websites work on "session cookies" which means that they store information only for the period of time till you are logged in to the real world site.

Consent of Potential Customers

While using AGGASSO website, you are consenting to the collecting and use of the information by AGGASSO.INC. In any case AGGASSO decide to change the privacy policy, the changes regarding the use of data, collection of data and disclosure of the information, will be intimated to you as we update the same over this and Privacy policy page.

AGGASSO Payment Gateway Information

AGGASSO adhere to the safe and secure ways for processing of consumers payment either through card (Debit/Credit) or through online transfers. All the payments received through the medium of Credit Cards are transferred through-256 bit SSL Encryption so>ware. This SSL so>ware will ensure safety of our customer's vital data and information. Through this we can assure you that none of your vital information is stored with our website. We are equally concerned about the cyber safety of our customers.

7. Other Stipulations

We reserve the right to effect changes in our privacy policy as and when it is deemed necessary and important. We suggest you periodically visit this document to keep yourself updated. Where the changes effected have more implications, we often share it with you through a mail.

You may please choose to write a mail to us at customerfeedback@aggasso.com in case you have any questions or queries with respect to our privacy policy.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy.We request all our customers and clients to visit our website regularly to keep yourself updated with the recent updates and modifications done in AGGASSO privacy practices. For changes that are associated with our users and clients personal information, we will inform you regarding such changes beforehand.

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